Erin Gibson: "Women of L.A" : The Anti-Female Anthem of 2013


There’s a guy in my neighborhood who dresses like Jesus Christ. He walks around Fountain, in Hollywood, just doin’ his thing - petting dogs and saying “hi” to everyone. Jesus My Neighbor, and most of the people in L.A., are pretty great. I’m super lucky to know a lot of smart, kind, weird and…

If you read one thing today, read this.

I dared to challenge a male friend who posted this “Women of LA” video on his Facebook yesterday — and of course, I was attacked. (Even worse, he then made a rape joke, which was “liked” by two of his female friends. Not cool, ladies.) This piece says it all better than I can, but I’m sure it’s tl;dr so I’ll summarize it for the lazy people among us:

Stereotyping an entire gender/city just because you haven’t had success in the romance department is lame. Men are not entitled to an All-Access Pass to women’s ladybits; women are not obligated to sleep with any/all willing men. Stereotypes hurt and make you look like a douchebag.